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Piston Rods

Problem :

Compressors handling corrosive gases such as chlorine, hydrogen chloride, hydrogen sulphide etc. are subjected to extreme operating conditions. The mating surfaces in such reciprocating compressors, especially piston rods suffer wear in packaging seal areas. Dry-running materials with abrasive fillers such as ceramics, glass or carbon fiber can cause severe wear related damage on counter body surfaces made of cast iron. If abrasive gas contaminations such as aluminum oxide are involved additionally, even nitrided parts cannot provide adequate wear resistance. Even hard chrome plating’s offer no protection in such cases.

Solution :
PIC DC Range of Coatings

We have been actively involved in providing specialized coating solutions for compressor piston rods to combat wear, abrasion and corrosion. The coatings are applied with HP-HVOF process that produces a dense and homogeneous coating with very strong mechanical adhesion to the rod surface. The coatings are ground and super-finished, further enhancing the sliding properties and reducing wear of mating seal parts. Our PIC DC range of coating solutions prove to be the best replacement for hard chrome plated piston rods and improves the operational life by 5 - 8x.

We refurbish piston rods which are previously nitrided, hard chrome plated or tungsten carbide coated. We have in-house setup for complete manufacturing of coated piston rods ranging from 12 to 120 inches in length.

Coating Properties PIC DC08 PIC DC09 PIC DC12
Micro Hardness (HV0.3) 1100 - 1400 1100 - 1400 800 - 1100
Abrasion Resistance Excellent Excellent Good
Corrosion Resistance Good Very Good Excellent
Max Temperature < 450°C < 450°C < 850°C
Bond Strength >10000 Psi
Finish Coating Thickness 150 to 200 µm
Surface Finish < 0.4 Ra µm

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