Steel Industry

Cold Rolling Line

Problem :

Cold rolling is a process by which the sheet metal or strip stock is introduced between rollers and then compressed and squeezed. The amount of strain introduced determines the hardness and other material properties of the finished product. During the process rolls in cold rolling mills are subjected to wear and abrasion from the tensioned sheet. Wear marks on the roll barrel could affect the operation and also deteriorate the quality of the sheet. Once the rolls are worn out the entire line needs to be shut down and the worn out rolls are replaced with new ones. This severely affects the productivity of the plant and increases the downtime and maintenance cost. The line comprises of a set of rolls installed at different sections each subjected to varying loads and pressure. Traditionally most of the rolls in the line used to be Hard chrome plated. But to overcome its reduced coating life expectancy, these rolls are now coated with Tungsten carbide. Different types of rolls used in cold rolling mill include :

  • Bridle Roll
  • Tension-meter Roll
  • Deflector Rolls
  • Flattening Rolls
  • Leveler Rolls
  • Pinch Rolls

Solution :
PIC DC08 Coating

Our PIC DC08 coated rolls provide superior resistance to sliding wear and abrasion and enhance the operational life of the roll. These rolls are impregnated with special sealer to further improve the coating performance. The finish coating thickness and surface roughness are very critical for proper functionality of the roll. We have automated processes to ensure these parameters are achieved as per customer requirement. Carbide Coated rolls is now used as a permanent replacement for hazardous Hard Chrome Plated rolls in many critical sections of the cold rolling line. Many research studies have been conducted and they have successfully proved that HP-HVOF sprayed carbide coatings are 5 – 8x more superior to Hard Chrome plating. Carbide coatings sprayed by robotic controlled HP-HVOF process are consistent, dense, and homogeneous and highly wear and abrasion resistant as compared to Hard chrome plating. Few advantages of HP-HVOF sprayed carbide coatings over Hard Chrome plating are as follows :

  • HVOF Coatings are more abrasive resistant than Hard Chrome plating
  • Better fatigue strength to the component
  • Provide better corrosion protection
  • Process is comparatively faster and more efficient
  • Wide range of coating material options are available in HVOF
  • It is compatible with a wide range of substrates
  • Material handling is easier during process ensuring product safety

We have been supplying PIC DC08 coated rolls to renowned OEM’s and End users for many years. We have in-house capabilities for complete manufacturing and supply of PIC DC08 coated rolls up to 1500mm diameter and 6000mm length. We have successfully executed manufacturing projects for OEM’s based in INDIA as well as international clients. We can also repair and refurbish Hard chrome plated and Tungsten carbide coated rolls.

Coating Properties PIC DC08
Micro Hardness 1100 - 1400 HV0.3
Porosity < 1%
Bond Strength > 10000 Psi
Abrasion Resistance Excellent
Corrosion Resistance Very Good
Max Temperature < 450°C

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