Clearance Control Solution

Clearance Control

In rotating systems such as compressors and Turbo machinery the clearance between blade tips and the casing must account for thermal and inertial expansion as well as changes in concentricity due to shock loading events. To prevent catastrophic tip to casing contact, conservatively large clearances must be provided. An abradable coating is a coating made of an abradable material which wears itself out in events as specified above whereas the latter will face no wear. Therefore the role of abradable coatings is not only to allow for closer clearances but also to automatically adjust clearances.

Solution :


Abradable coatings are used in aircraft jet engines in the compressor and turbine sections where a minimal clearance is needed between the blade tips and the casing. Abradable materials deposited by Plasma process provide good sacrificial properties to the component thereby improving its operational life. Few Abradable coatings suggested by us are :

Material Category Material Code
Abradables - E71X
- E72
- E82
- E83

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