Dimensional Restoration Solution

Dimensional Restoration

Many components used in critical applications such as Oil & Gas, Air & Gas Compressors, Power Generation etc. are worn out in service beyond a point where it can be refurbished directly by applying the top coat. Stripping the top coat often highlights surface irregularities and defects such as pin holes, blow holes, pittings, cracks etc. which is not ideal for deposition of thermal spray coatings. Conventional surface treatment methods also fail in these situations due to coating thickness limitations and other process constraints.

Solution :


Dimensional restoration of parts such as shafts and rings can be done through Twin Wire Arc Spray process by depositing a range of our WC Alloy materials. To achieve higher wear resistance and optimal coating properties, the base coat is followed by a top coat of superior coating material such as alloy or carbide deposited through Plasma or HP-HVOF process. These coatings are ground to achieve the desired dimensions and tolerances. Few coatings suggested by us for Dimensional Restoration are :

Material Category Material Code
Alloys & Metal Blends - EC14X
- EC16X
- EC20X
- EC21X
- C14X
- C16X

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