Abrasion Wear Solution


Abrasion is caused when a hard surface or hard particles pass over a soft surface causing loss of material. Abrasive wear can be classified into two types namely two body abrasion and three body abrasion. In two body abrasion only two metal surfaces are in contact with the hard surface cutting or spalling the softer surface. In three body abrasion a third body damages one or both the sliding surfaces. This is usually due to grit or dirt getting in between the sliding interface.

Solution :


A hard material deposited through HP-HVOF or Plasma process having good adhesion with the base material will provide good resistance to abrasive wear. Few coatings suggested by us for applications involving Abrasive Wear are :

Material Category Material Code
Pure Metal - A06
Ceramic - B01
- B02
- B05X
Carbide - DC07
- DC08
- DC09

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