Erosion Wear Solution


Erosive wear occurs when hard particles present in the flowing media strike the surface of component causing removal of material. The severity of wear is dependent on the hardness of particle, its velocity and angle of impact. Erosive wear usually occurs in applications such as Oil & Gas, Pumps & Valves, Power Generation etc.

Solution :


Hard material deposited through HP-HVOF process having good adhesion with base material will provide good resistance to low angle particulate attack. For high angle particulate attack, a metallurgic ally bonded material deposited by PTAW or Spray and Fuse process is preferred. Few coatings suggested by us for applications involving Erosive Wear are :

Material Category Material Code
Alloys & Metal Blend - C52
- C83X
- C85
- C92
Carbide - DC08
- DC09

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